Georgia DA Prosecuting Trump Accused Of Major Scandal

(Republican Insider) – If there’s one thing you can count on to come out of the Democratic Party it’s moral degeneracy and hypocrisy. The radical left seems to have an endless supply of both, as demonstrated by the recent discovery that a district attorney in the state of Georgia is now embroiled in a massive sex scandal. Fulton County DA Fani Willis is accused of hiring an “inexperienced lover” to pursue former President Donald Trump. Guys, you can’t make this stuff up. Reality really is stranger than fiction.

“On Monday, Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign official facing criminal charges in Fulton County, Georgia, over the 2020 presidential election, filed a motion asking the court to dismiss the charges. It argued that the case against him is ‘fatally defective,’ and the Fulton County Court system should ‘disqualify the district attorney, her office, and the special prosecutor from further prosecuting this matter,'” The Western Journal reported.

The same set of arguments could be applied to the case against Trump, which may end up having huge implications.

Roman is alleging that Willis has been involved in an “improper, clandestine relationship” during the case, hiring Nathan Wade, her romantic partner, to be the special prosecutor. I don’t think I need to explain that this is a huge conflict of interest, right? Obviously, there is some favoritism going on, which corrupts the validity of the case brought against Trump.

Both Roman and his legal counsel are claiming that Willis “never had legal authority to appoint the special prosecutor.”

“The filing also alleges that Willis and Wade used the legal fees received from the case for their own personal benefit, taking lavish vacations together that are ultimately paid for by taxpayers. Wade has raked in more than a half-million dollars for his services, according to the filing,” the report continued.

The filing then says that “both indictments contain structural errors and irreparable defects and should be dismissed in their entirety.”

If all of this turns out to be true, the whole case against the former president is blown to bits.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution went on to tell readers, “the document offers no concrete proof of the romantic ties between Willis and Wade,” though the attorney representing Roman, Ashleigh Merchant, is claiming that the pair have been on several trips together to areas that do not appear to be related to work “and the special prosecutor has purchased tickets for both of them to travel on both the Norweigan [sic] and Royal Carribean [sic] cruise lines.”

“Sources close to both the special prosecutor and the district attorney have confirmed they had an ongoing, personal relationship during the pendency of the special prosecutor’s divorce proceedings,” the filing disclosed.

Merchant also pointed out that the divorce filing for Wade is sealed, informing the outlet that she is currently in the process of trying to get it unsealed.

“The New York Times seems to question the legitimacy of the case based on what the brief is missing,” the WJ piece said.

“If Roman’s lawyer has actual evidence of an improper relationship between Willis and Wade, it was incumbent on her to make that part of her motion, such as by attaching sworn affidavits from witnesses with personal knowledge or authenticated documents,” Chuck D. Cunningham, a professor of law and ethics with Georgia State University commented in remarks given to the NY Times.

The Times article then noted, it’s “unclear how the claims will affect the Georgia prosecution, one of several criminal cases against Mr. Trump.”

“But there’s no doubt that any move by the court to dismiss charges against a Trump co-defendant based on claims like this will have the former president’s lawyers demanding the same before the ink on the papers is dry,” The Western Journal explained. “That said, regardless of whether Willis and Wade were involved in a romantic relationship, Wade is clearly not at all qualified for the position.”

And, as it turns out, Wade is woefully unqualified for the position he has been given. Fox News’ Jesse Watters revealed that Wade “is a private attorney who has never handled a felony case,” which means that Willis likely only hired him due to the fact that the two are involved in a romantic relationship.

“Again, nothing has yet been proven, nor has it been determined if Merchant and Roman are jumping the gun in asking the case to be dismissed entirely on the basis of this alleged improper behavior,” the article stated.

This is just more evidence that the cases brought against Trump are hogwash, politically motivated and designed to take the former president out of the 2024 race.

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