What Did Jill Biden Say To Joe? 4 Photos Go Viral On Twitter

(Republican Insider) – We’ve seen a lot of weird and crazy things trend on Twitter over the last couple of years, but whenever you see photographs featuring the president and his wife as the top of the crop along with the phrase “elder abuse,” well, you can sort of guess that all is not well within the walls of the White House.

Then again, when it comes to the Biden administration, that’s par for the course, right?

According to The Western Journal, the strange sequence of pictures, which were taken right before Biden left to deliver a speech in Cleveland, is once again causing folks to question his mental acuity. We’ve been doing that a lot over the last year and a half, haven’t we?

And yet, here we are, once again trying to figure out if maybe Biden is either an idiot or suffering from dementia. It’s likely a combination of the two. Remember when President Donald Trump was in office and all the liberals demanded he take a cognitive test? Those people are completely silent right now and ignoring the obvious signs that Biden is experiencing that point toward a decline in his abilities to reason and discharge the duties of the office he occupies.

The photos that started all of the hoopla were snapped by Associated Press photographer Patrick Semansky, according to the outlet’s website.

“President Joe Biden speaks with first lady Jill Biden before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, in Washington,” the website’s description went on to say. “Biden is traveling to Cleveland to announce a new rule that will allow major new financial support for troubled pensions that cover some 2 million to 3 million workers.”

In the first picture Biden seems to be talking with his wife, Jill, in a raised voice, which is something deduced from his expression. Then, in the next shot, his head is slightly drooped and he looks to be squinting.

But the picture that’s guaranteed to pull in the most attention is the third one. The man’s head is hung low and he is sporting a childish frown. This man is being treated like a child by his wife, likely because he’s mentally regressed to being one.

The last picture shows him, still squinting, walking away.

Jake Schneider, a member of the GOP rapid response team, posted a tweet about the photos saying a “story in four parts.”

Perhaps Jill was informing him that he would not have time to ride his bike over to the local ice cream parlor before taking his afternoon nap?

At the end of the day, it’s important to note that photographers, especially ones who are tasked with capturing images of our leaders, can and often do catch them in the midst of awkward moments. However, what makes these images so significant is because it was only a month ago that we found out Biden requires a note card with detailed instructions just to get through a White House meeting.

As soon as these images started making the rounds, folks got “elder abuse” trending on Twitter.

So how much longer do we need to wait before we get Biden that cognitive ability test?

Seems to me we’re long overdue.

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