‘You Insulting Punk!’ Geraldo Rivera Loses It When Greg Gutfeld Lays Out His Pro-Life Stance

(Republican Insider) – If you ever want proof that demonic activity is at the root of the left-wing Democratic Party of today, just speak out against abortion. Or, better yet, actually take action to forbid the murder of the unborn. You’ll see these folks lose their minds with a quickness.

We all got to see that first hand this week when the left blew a gasket after someone inside the Supreme Court leaked a draft opinion showing that justices could potentially overturn Roe v. Wade, which is the court decision that legalized abortion.

According to The Western Journal, an example of this unbridled emotion was seen on television during an episode of “The Five” on Fox News where Greg Gutfeld and Geraldo Rivera got into a heated clash that started off with principles and then got ugly with insults.

Things got started when Rivera made a declaration that justices who were nominated by former President Donald Trump, such as Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett, had been planning to reverse the Roe v. Wade decision all along.

“What this shows is that the Senate confirmation process by which a nominee is interrogated by both parties and give their reasons why they are fit to be on the high court, is absolutely, deeply flawed,” he went on to say.

“Why? Because these nominees lied. They go before the Senate of the United States, they swear that they are going to be judicious and good, you know, shepherds of the court and its impartiality in the importance it has in the American society, and that the stare decisis that the precedent of these cases is well established,” Rivera continued.

“And then they turn around the minute they get in the high court, they make a decision that is so dramatically opposed to what they said during the confirmation hearing,” he stated. “Shame on them.”

“Shame on Gorsuch. Shame on Coney Barrett. Shame on Kavanaugh. They knew … that they were going to vote to reverse or overthrow Roe v. Wade. They knew it and they lied about it,” he ranted.

Rivera then revealed that he’s concerned about three of his daughters who are living in Ohio being impacted by a “heartbeat bill” that could end up taking effect in the state if the 1973 decision is overturned. These kind of bills typically outlaw abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

“What am I going to tell my daughters now?” Rivera stated. “That they don’t have control over their body? That they can’t make those choices for themselves?”

Well, you could tell them to be responsible adults, Geraldo, and not have sex unless they are prepared for the potential consequences of said actions. They could just wait until they are married and ready to start a family. Or they could use protection. There are plenty of ways to prevent a pregnancy without having to murder a baby.

Greg Gutfeld then got involved in the discussion after a clip was shown of Joy Behar from “The View” along with others attacking the potential overturn of the decision. “Don’t think this is just a war on women. It could be a war on people of color, gay people,” Behar stated.

Gay people? Gay people can’t get pregnant. How is that even relevant to this issue?

“This is why pro-lifers win,” Gutfeld stated. “Because they can state their case so plainly. You ask somebody why they’re pro-life, they will say, ‘Because abortion takes a life and we believe life is sacred.’”

“You could disagree with that, but you can’t disagree with the simplicity of it, right?” he added.

Gutfeld then stated that the argument in favor of abortion devolves into “I prefer freedom over fetuses.”

“My body, my choice. How much simpler can you get?” Rivera cut in, and then the two were off to the races.

“Let me finish,” Gutfeld stated, “You already did your ad hominem.”

“Ad hominem? It was not,” Rivera fired back.

“You insulted a few people there,” Gutfeld responded.

Gutfeld then stated that the current mindset of those in the pro-abortion movement is that abortion is “something to celebrate, to cherish.”

“Oh, that’s baloney. That’s baloney,” Rivera replied.

“I’ll give you evidence,” Gutfeld remarked.

That’s when things really started to heat up, as the pair began talking over each other.

“Cherish the wire hanger stuck up their privates trying to get –,” Rivera spewed.

“The unborn child becomes,” Gutfeld went on to say, as each man talked over the other’s words until Gutfeld finally said, “This is exactly what I expected.”

“You are arrogant,” Rivera stated.

“Go for it, Geraldo. Come on, keep going. You’re making a fool of yourself,” Gutfeld accurately pointed out.

“You know something, you insulting punk?” Rivera said in the lamest comeback ever.

“Hah! Oh, am I your new Bongino?” Gutfeld fired back, referring to host Dan Bongino, with whom Rivera regularly gets into arguments with.

“If you want that role,” Rivera responded.

Geraldo has to be the biggest man-baby in liberal punditry. He knows he’s wrong and Gutfeld is right and it just lights his fuse. Tough.

Abortion is murder.

Enough said.

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  1. Rivera is worse than the black guy FOX had. I did a lot of turning the channel when the black guy got going with democrat/progressive crap. And Rivera needs to go too because I am starting to turn him off. I always wanted to smack some common sense into them but I knew it wouldn’t work. And, I am getting irritated with Hannity too. A guest starts talking and Hannity interrupts the guest right when I want to hear what the guest is saying and Hannity is changing the talk to what he wants to say and I miss what the guest is saying. Just saying.

    • You really need Haraldo and W. Williams views aired so to think about why we are right or wrong. It makes me a more informed person. My wife get mad when I watch MSNBC, but it prepares me fo give intelligent arguments for my views.

  2. Terminating a life is no one’s right.
    The catch cry ‘my body my choice’ denies the fact that a woman is killing a child. A woman historically should be protecting her unborn.
    Try birth control alternatives.
    In the case of rape, incest and danger to a woman’s health it is different, but it does not get away from the action of killing an unborn.
    Try some commonsense for a change.

  3. God Bless Geraldo Rivera and Elizabeth Warren…They are both fighting for the continued killing of lil black babies!

  4. Geraldo is nothing more than a pompous, narcissistic ass. He thinks he’s such a hot daddy but he needs to ditch the “old man” mustache” and “old man goober long hair”. If it weren’t for his money, he would not have a young wife (#2). He’s just an old fart liberal who thinks his money is impressive and might get him into restaurants, etc. and he boasts often about his Bentley and his house in The Hampton’s. He’s a pathetic, UN-attractive old Geezer who loves himself more than anyone or anything. I turn him off every time he’s on. And yes, Hannity yaps and yaps about himself and what he knows and how he knows it. He interrupts everybody all the time. We get so sick of him that we turn him off at home and in our car on Sirius radio. He needs to zip the lips and let his guests talk but he won’t because he too, is a pompous, narcissistic ASS.

    • It seems that Geraldo is still trying to make a comeback from his Al Capone vault debacle which was an indication of how his ” journalism career ” would pan out – what a joke. Both he and Hannity are self-absorbed, self-promoting, arrogant windbags. They ought to team up with the other arrogant buffoon-Chris Wallace- and launch their news network- Blowhard News Network.

  5. OMG Trisha I agree. When I see Geraldo on and when his lips start moving I mute until someone talks. I don’t know why the keep putting him on. Nobody Likes Him! And I turn on anything else and avoid me tough guy Hannity. Brag, Brag, Brag! I like Harold Ford, Jr. he listens, responds logically, laughs off the demon-rat jokes, he’s a real gentlemen!

  6. You are an idiot! It would be better to teach abstinence or how to use protection. You are a sick puppy!! It’s against the law to commit suicide. But you can murder an unborn baby because you can’t abstain or use protection? How f@&$ up is that!! I guess because easy chicks get more dates. Ps thank a Democratic for the rise in crime, inflation. Ask yourself how many Democrats have stock in electric vehicles! You still have to drill for oil until you can replace everything than is an oil based product.

  7. You obviously do not know anything about the Ford family and their politics. Sean Hannity is a real Patriot and journalist and tries to bring more honest reporting to Americans. Henry Ford Jr., Juan Williams and Heraldo Rivera should all switch over to Democrat bought and paid fake news CNN, ABC, MSNBC, etc

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