ALERT: Cheney Wages War With GOP After Loss

(Republican Insider) – There was once a rising star within the Republican Party, someone who was believed to have what it takes to become the next Speaker of the House, but has since fallen from grace, largely due to the fact this individual decided that the country and all it stands for was far less important than attempting to look good to both Democrats and Republicans within the establishment.

I’m talking about GOP Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who betrayed the party, her former president, and this country by not only voting to impeach President Donald Trump, but by becoming the face of the Jan. 6 select committee that has been desperately attempting to paint up every conservative American who supports Trump as a potentially dangerous domestic terrorist.

According to ABC News, Cheney recently spoke with the outlet’s Chief Washington Correspondent, Jonathan Karl, where she stated that she does not regret the direction of her political career, not even the massive loss she suffered in her own primary election last Tuesday.

“In an exclusive wide-ranging interview for ABC’s ‘This Week,’ Cheney also discussed the FBI search at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate – calling the investigation a very serious development and saying she is ‘ashamed’ at some of her Republican colleagues who have attacked the Justice Department and the FBI,” the report said.

ABC continued, “Cheney, who serves as vice chair of the Jan. 6 Select Committee investigating the Capitol attack — and speaking with Karl in the committee hearing room — also said she still hopes former Vice President Mike Pence testifies before the panel in the near future, adding that conversations with his legal team are ongoing.”

While conducting her sit-down interview with Karl, Cheney expressed her thoughts concerning the FBI search warrant that allowed the bureau to raid President Trump’s Florida home earlier in the month, going on to state she was ashamed that Republicans in Congress had immediately stood up for Trump, accusing the Justice Department of political malice.

“That’s a very serious thing. I think that when you think about the fact that we were in a position where the FBI, the Department of Justice, felt the need to execute a search warrant at the home of a former president — that’s a really serious thing for the nation,” she went on to say.

ABC News’ report then said, “The redacted copy of the search warrant released sent shockwaves through Washington, as it revealed the Justice Department was investigating the potential violation of at least three separate criminal statutes in its search of Mar a Lago, including obstruction of justice and one crime under the Espionage Act.”

“A property receipt accompanying the warrant shows agents seized multiple boxes of documents of various classifications, including one set referring to ‘classified/TS/SCI documents’ (the acronym stands for top secret/sensitive compartmentalized information that not everyone with even top-secret clearance can view) and four other sets of top-secret documents,” ABC News reported.

“Following the raid, a growing list of Republicans tweeted, with some attacking the Justice Department and the FBI, including House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy,” the report added.

McCarthy tweeted out his statement, which said that, “The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization.”

“I was ashamed to hear Republicans immediately and reflexively attack the FBI agents who executed the search warrant,” Cheney remarked about the GOP coming to Trump’s defense.

Cheney then leveled accusations against Trump of releasing the unredacted search warrant to media outlets who then took the material and posted its content without taking the time to remove the names of the agents who were involved in the raid.

“I was disgusted when I learned that President Trump had released the names of those agents, when he released the unredacted search warrant, and that has now caused violence,” Cheney stated in the interview.

At the time of the article’s writing, ABC News had not verified the claim made by Cheney.

“We’ve seen threats of violence, the judge himself, his synagogue had to cancel services because of threats of violence. This is a really dangerous moment and to see the former president of the United States, my colleagues stoking the flames of that instead of saying, ‘We need to learn the facts. We need to learn the evidence we need to learn the information about what happened … I think that the American people see what hypocrisy that is and it’s dangerous hypocrisy,” the Wyoming congresswoman said.

“I’ve seen no evidence that there was any political motivation,” Cheney went on to say.

A magistrate judge in the state of Florida stated last Thursday that, despite the objections raised by the Justice Department, he might still seek to unseal parts of the affidavit.

“After hearing in-person arguments on a request from a coalition of media outlets to make the affidavit public, the judge said he might decide that at least a portion of the affidavit could be unsealed with government redactions,” the report continued.

“I think that will provide us additional information,” Cheney said. “It sounds to me from watching. The news reports that they’re acting responsibly in terms of determining what has to be redacted and, and what can be released. But it also seems to be the case that there were clearly ongoing efforts to get back wherever this information was, and that it was not presented, you know, that the former president was unwilling to give back these materials. Now, we will see, we’ll learn more,” Cheney commented during her interview.

“It’s a really serious thing and I just think that for us as a party to be in a position where we’re reflexively attacking career law enforcement professionals in order to defend a former president who conducted himself the way this one did, is it’s really sad day for the party,” Cheney continued.

“Could it be that his handling of government records, classified information — that that could be what brings Donald Trump down after all of this?” Karl then asked Cheney.

“I mean, look, well, we’ll see. Everyone has an obligation and a responsibility. And, you know, clearly, the handling of classified information is something that’s really serious, so, I don’t know all of the aspects of why the search warrant was executed, certainly. But, you know, we’ll see as additional information comes out,” she responded.

Cheney then stated that she hopes to see former Vice President Mike Pence give testimony before the Jan. 6 select committee.

“I would hope that he will understand how important it is for the American people to know every aspect of the truth about what happened that day,” Cheney stated, commenting on why she hopes to see Pence testify.

She was then asked if Trump might be asked to provide testimony before the committee, and she seemed to indicate that’s a possibility on the table at this point in time.

“I don’t want to make any announcements about that this morning. So, let me just leave it there,” she replied to the question.

“But it’s possible you would ask him, before wrapping up, to testify?” Karl pushed.

“Yes. I mean, I don’t — again, I don’t want to get in front of committee deliberations about that. I do think it’s very important, as I said in the first hearing or the second hearing, you know, his interactions with our committee will be under oath,” Cheney responded.

Later in the same interview, Cheney made it clear she does not at all fear any sort of retribution coming her way for her betrayal of the GOP and all of the principles that it stands for.

“If Kevin McCarthy or Jim Jordan, or any of the other individuals who are trying to investigate the committee, carry through on that threat, and issue a subpoena for me to appear, I will abide by that subpoena and I will welcome the opportunity to come and explain to them exactly what we found and the threat that Donald Trump poses to the country,” Cheney explained.

“And I would say, you know, they ought to do the same. They are all completely shirking their obligations and their responsibilities to come and testify about what they know. And I think, again, that’s an abdication of their responsibility under the Constitution,” the Wyoming Republican said.

“I think that it was clear, really, from the beginning — the moment that I voted to impeach — that there were going to be potential political consequences,” Cheney said during her chat with Karl.

The Wyoming congresswoman stated that if she had been wanting to save her seat in the House, which she held for almost six years, it would have required her to do something she says she was not willing to do.

“[It] would have required embracing the lie about the election, would have required enabling that and I just simply wasn’t willing to do that. So, you know, at each moment, I knew that I had to do what was right,” she explained.

“And this wasn’t just losing a House seat. I mean, you were considered, you were in leadership, you were considered a future Speaker of the House, maybe even the next Speaker of the House. It’s a lot to give up. Any regrets?” Karl then asked Cheney.

“No regrets,” Cheney responded emphatically.

“I feel I feel sad about where my party is. I feel sad about the way that too many of my colleagues have responded to what I think is a great moral test and challenge of our time — a great moment to determine whether or not people are going to stand up on behalf of the democracy, on behalf of our republic,” Cheney stated.

“And so, it does make me sad that so many people have failed the test, but certainly no regrets. I mean, to me, there’s just never been any question about what was the right way to operate here and the right thing to do,” she continued.

Cheney also went on to highlight her plans going forward, which basically consist of trying to destroy Donald Trump, proving that Trump Derangement Syndrome can really take over a person’s mind.

“First of all, obviously, we have tremendous work left to do on the select committee, tremendous work left to do as Wyoming’s representative in Congress. Also, I’m going to be very focused on working to ensure that we do everything we can not to elect election deniers,” Cheney stated concerning her future plans.

“I think that we’ve got election deniers that have been nominated for really important positions all across the country. And I’m going to work against those people. I’m going to work to support their opponents. I think it matters that much,” she continued, highlighting her fight is not only against Trump, but against anyone who dares to question the official narrative.

“And I’m also going to spend a lot of time doing everything I can to help educate the American people about what happened. And I think our hearings have been a tremendous contribution to that. And I think it’s really important for people you know, really across the political spectrum of all ages to understand and recognize why what happened after the last election can never happen again,” Cheney went on to say.

If this woman thinks she stands a chance of becoming the president, she’s sorely mistaken. If you look at the fact Trump’s success with endorsements is in the upper 90s percent wise, it becomes rather clear that his influence in the party runs deep and wide. Fakes like Cheney aren’t going to fare well in big races. It’s just not going to happen. It’s a dream she must let go.

Rather than looking to destroy Trump, maybe her efforts should be geared toward serving the American people to the best of her abilities?

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  1. Liz Cheney is a PATRIOT – rather than back a misogynistic, narcissistic, corrupt, perpetual liar (Trump), she chose instead to defend the Constitution. Her sacrifice is a warning to TRump and his syncopats (most of the rest of the GOP who are following Trump like lemmings), justice is coming and you will cast aside like autumn leaves. Super “kudos” to Liz Cheney for her courage and convictions.

    • Bull crap you must live in a bubble to even remotely like this great rino she would not make a good dog catcher trump done more for the working people than anyone since Reagan the pedofile we got in the wh now is a moron

  2. Hey Bill
    You communist bastard.
    Get STUFFED!!! You wouldn’t know a liberal if they landed on you.
    No sense of even trying to reason with you.
    Red wave is coming so you better
    be ready!!
    Hope you got a life jacket.

    • You got that right! “Daddy’s Little Darling” came to power on the coattails of her VP father. She was a nothing before and has since proven herself to be a nothing. Cheney tried to imitate AOC and found out that didn’t fly in Wyoming. Now this revenge-seeking woman is out to get the Republican Party and thinks she has a chance to run for President. Keep dreaming Cheney because your nightmare is not going to be America’s nightmare.


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