ALERT: Elon Musk Confirms He’s ‘Out For Blood,’ Declares Total War On The Democrat Establishment

(Republican Insider) – Billionaire Elon Musk is slowly, but surely becoming a hero of conservatives everywhere, despite the fact he still — likely — holds to some liberal positions on some issues, mostly due to the fact he’s actually pulling a Trump and taking a bold stand against the radical left and their attempts to try and silence all of their political opposition.

As a result of making his purchase of a 9-percent stake in Twitter, he has come under heavy fire and assault by Democrats who are eager to shut him down and protect their favorite social media platform, which has earned a reputation for censorship of any point of view that is not in lockstep with the agenda of the Democratic Party.

Musk has come under regulatory scrutiny, been called a racist, and is now being accused of sexual misconduct. These are all classic moves from the left-wing playbook. We saw the same thing with Donald Trump during his time as president. Then there was Brett Kavanaugh, who faced similar accusations while going through his confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court.

However, if the radical leftists and globalists out there expected to be able to intimidate Musk and force him to submit, they’ve made a rather epic error in judgment. Musk isn’t the slightest bit intimidated.

In fact, he’s “out for blood.”

That should be making the globalists out there quake in their boots.

“Although Twitter is best known for suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 presidential election, the company also played a huge role in perpetuating the Trump-Russia hoax, which began as an effort to sway the 2016 election and was quite possibly the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in American political history,” The Western Journal reported.

“The powers that be at Twitter, other Big Tech firms and the legacy media, who hold themselves out to be arbiters of the truth, helped advance the lies and conceal the truth to shape the national debate. Their efforts turned a large portion of Americans against former President Donald Trump and have caused untold destruction and division in the country,” the report said.

“The Tesla and SpaceX CEO was actually a Clinton campaign donor and voter in 2016. He, like many Americans, bought the lies,” the report continued. “Not anymore.”

Musk now has the whole Trump-Russia hoax in his sights. Believe it or not, that whole mess, which has been debunked over and over again, is still being spread all over Twitter.

“After her campaign alerted the media to the bogus story that the Trump organization had covert ties to Russia’s Alfa Bank in October 2016, a move we learned on Friday that she herself had approved, then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton immediately took to Twitter to disseminate the false story. She even included a statement from our current national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, for added credibility,” Western Journal reported.

Both of these posts are perfect examples of disinformation, but they are both still up on Twitter. A user on the platform pointed this out, sending a message to Musk, asking him to take a look into it when he finally takes the reins of the company.

“Musk acknowledged the tweet below and then messaged Twitter’s current CEO, Parag Agrawal, and the company’s policy and legal head, Vijaya Gadde, who serves as Twitter’s ultimate censor,” the report added.

Democrats started the game, now they better get ready to get taken to school by Musk. He’s full on declared war against the Democratic Party establishment, and he means to take them down.

It’s great for American citizens to see a person like Musk heading up a huge tech platform like Twitter. We need to have as many voices as possible in our current culture, otherwise, you can kiss your God-given rights goodbye. What’s more, people will be so brainwashed by the left they will willingly give up these rights for a sense of false security, which is all that the left is offering.

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  1. It’s not just because he is the richest man in the World. He is a formidable adversary, by anyone’s reconning.

    He could do it: Marginalize the Democrats.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  2. RIGHT ON ELON! Maybe those who once believed the false accusations of President Trump being in collusion with scum like czar vladimir MIGHT start waking up!

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