Biden Claims Doctors Deemed Him ‘Too Young’ After Physical

(Republican Insider) – President Joe Biden attempted to make a joke on Wednesday as he discussed his recent trip to the hospital for a physical, saying the doctor told him he looked “too young.” We all know it’s a joke because any doctor who would legitimately look at a man who looks like his body is composed of dirt from an ancient civilization should be declared both legally blind and mentally insane, strapped in a straight jacket and hauled off to the funny farm.

The president made the wisecrack as speculation rages on like a flame impossible to quench, about what doctors might have discovered during the evaluation that took place earlier that day. Questions have arisen in recent weeks about Biden’s fitness for duty after a report by special counsel Robert Hur came out stating that the president should not be charged for mishandling classified documents due to his memory issues, which the document makes clear are quite substantial.

During a press conference, Biden was asked by a reporter what the doctors had to say about his physical.

“They think I look too young,” he quipped.

He then remarked that, “Everything’s great,” concerning his health, adding, “There is nothing different than last year.”

“According to NBC News, Biden underwent a routine physical at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland and was pronounced ‘fit for duty.’ White House physician Kevin C. O’Connor wrote in a summary of the exam that Biden “fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations,” The Western Journal noted.

The article revealed, “White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about Biden’s physical during her daily media briefing on Wednesday afternoon. She was evasive when pressed on the matter of Biden’s health and whether he should take a cognitive test, NBC News reported.”

“The president said that they thought that he was too young,” she stated in response to questions about whether Biden took a cognitive test or not. “You heard from the president, he talked about this when he was asked.”

The American people need more than a physical to help assuage fears of Biden being unfit for duty. We are concerned about his mental capacity. Give the man a cognitive test and publish the results. Be transparent, as you promised you would be. It’s really that simple.

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  1. That so called Dr is more concerned about the money & position he has than being honest. He is just like this administration. Watching the news & the evading tells everything. Ask CNN. No truth there either


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