Biden Energy Secretary Tells Americans: Well, Brazilians Are Paying The Same Amount For Gas

(Republican Insider) – The radical left has made the decision to strongarm Americans into embracing their Green New Deal. Despite the fact that the majority of Americans don’t see climate change as the “existential threat” to the world that Biden and company insist that it is, the left is, nonetheless, forcing us all to live like we actually have the power to destroy the earth.

Filling up a tank of gas is painful for most Americans right now as gas prices continue to hit record highs, but don’t count on Biden or his Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to take your concerns seriously.

On Wednesday, during an interview with CNN personality John Berman, Granholm minimized Americans’ worries about the sky-high prices.

“If you were in Brazil, you’d be paying the same amount for gas at the pump — over $5,” Granholm said. “If you were in Canada, you’d be paying over $6. If you were in Germany, you’d be paying over $8. So this is happening around the world.”

Even leftist Berman wasn’t interested in hearing the excuses.

“Understood, secretary,” he interjected. “We’re talking about the United States, though. We’re talking about the United States right now and what the president can do.”

What difference does it make that other countries are experiencing high gas prices also? Is Granholm the Energy Secretary of the world or the US? Shouldn’t she be a little bit more concerned with the issues we’re facing right here at home?

Not only that but the US is single-handedly driving up prices both here and around the world by refusing to unleash the full power of America’s energy industry, as Trump had done.

Granholm just doesn’t want Americans to focus on the abject failures of the Biden regime and that’s why she doesn’t want to talk about the issue from a domestic standpoint.

Her nonchalant attitude toward the very real struggles of everyday Americans is nothing new. She’s been uninterested in tackling the problems we face for over a year now.

In November, when asked on Bloomberg TV how she planned to increase oil production in the US to curtail rising gas prices, she threw her head back in hysterical laughter and claimed she doesn’t have a “magic wand” before calling OPEC a cartel that has taken the oil industry hostage.

“As you know, of course, oil is a global market,” Granholm said. “It is controlled by a cartel. That cartel is called OPEC, and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning.”

Granholm seems to have made a habit of blaming other countries for the actions of the Biden regime. OPEC consists of 13 countries and not one of them is the US. It’s utterly absurd to suggest that OPEC is somehow in control of America’s domestic oil production.

The Biden regime could easily tap into America’s natural resources so we no longer had to rely on oil from OPEC countries. However, there have been significantly fewer drilling permits issued since April 2021 and that’s not by accident.

The real issue is that Democrats view high gas prices as an opportunity to push their “green” agenda and Granholm is on board with that too. On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee shared a video on Twitter of Granholm stating that the current gas prices is “a very compelling case” to buy an electric car.

All of our financial struggles are just collateral damage to Granholm and the Biden regime. The only thing that matters to them is pushing their warped agenda.

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  1. Hey you nut I don’t live in Brazil don’t give a flip about their gas price I know ours don’t have to be this high I bet if you lived on social security you would not throw your silly little head back and laugh

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