Biden Reversing US Policy Toward Socialist Dictatorships, But Look What’s Happening…

(Republican Insider) – Rather than upholding the age-old American tradition of cutting all ties with socialist, oppressive countries who are the opposite of everything we believe, the Biden administration has decided to go easy on them.

This makes a lot of sense when you understand that Biden and all the liberals in his administration are all about some socialism. After all, that’s the same system of beliefs they themselves hold to, right? Of course they are going to take it easy on nations they deeply admire.

According to The Western Journal, Joe Biden has started making his way toward easing up on some of the energy sanctions that have been in place against Venezuela, says reports from the New York Post.

This policy decision comes hot on the heels of the administration taking measures to ease up on some of the financial, travel, and migration rules for the nation of Cuba. The actions taken toward Cuba is just Biden attempting to fulfill some of the campaign promises he made during the 2020 presidential election to Cuban-Americans.

“The measures today again are practical steps that we are taking to address the humanitarian situation and to respond to the needs of the Cuban people,” a senior administration official went on to say, NPR reported. “President Biden is also fulfilling his commitment to the Cuban-American community and their family members in Cuba by announcing measures in four key areas, which we plan to implement in the coming weeks.”

“Biden’s motive for easing sanctions on Venezuela is clearly a move to try to save his own skin in the midst of the American fuel crisis,” the report said. “By lifting some of the energy sanctions, the U.S. will allow Chevron — the only major American oil company still operating in Venezuela — to discuss its licensing with the state-owned oil company PDVSA, CNN reported,” the WJ report stated.

“The Treasury, with the guidance from the State Department, issued a narrow license authorizing Chevron to negotiate the terms of the potential future activities in Venezuela. It does not allow entry into any agreement with PDVSA or any other activity involving PDVSA or Venezuela’s oil sector. So fundamentally, what they’re doing is just allowed to talk,” an official said, the New York Post went on to say in its report.

“But if Chevron can negotiate its license, it can then continue operations, hopefully ensuring more oil will flow into the country to help mitigate the fuel crisis that Americans are suffering through,” the WJ reported.

Back in March, Biden started to look toward Venezuela as the Russian invasion of Ukraine tossed a big wrench in the works of the global oil market.

In his response, Biden slapped some sanctions on “Russian oil, liquefied natural gas and coal to the United States.” Later on, the White House, along with officials from the State Department, took a little trip down to Caracas to have a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, according to a report from Fox News.

Why did they do that? Well, because Venezuela has some rather large oil reserves and a very robust oil industry. Venezuela actually has a whopping 300 billion barrels of oil in its reserve, which makes it the biggest reserve in the world, says Worldometers.

“The administration seems desperate — as it should be — to find a way to alleviate the fuel crisis and soaring gas prices,” the report from WJ said. “Americans are blaming Biden for the increasing gas prices that are hurting their pockets.”

“President Joe Biden has tried to shift blame for the spike in gasoline prices, but most voters aren’t buying his excuses,” said Rasmussen Reports.

In a big scramble to try and solve the oil situation caused by the war in Ukraine, Biden and his people thought that Venezuela might be a solution.

“The problem? The president of Venezuela is a socialist dictator. Normally, the U.S. doesn’t play ball with socialist dictators. It’s for that very reason that Venezuela was sanctioned by the U.S. in the first place,” the report said.

“Venezuela has been under U.S. sanctions for 15 years “in response to activities of the Venezuelan government and Venezuelan individuals,” the Congressional Research Service reported,” the report said.

“It was the Trump administration that then expanded economic sanctions after Maduro retained his choke-hold on power and decided to rewrite the country’s constitution,” WJ’s report continued.

Biden himself condemned Maduro back in 2020.

“Nicolás Maduro is a dictator. I strongly condemn his regime’s violent takeover of the Venezuelan National Assembly, the country’s sole remaining democratic institution,” Biden stated in a post on Twitter.

And just a few short years later, Biden turns to Maduro for help in order to get oil from Venezuela and not look like a total fool in the face of raging inflation and soaring gas prices.


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  1. Why WOULDN’T he be cozying up to Communist TYRANTS in other countries? They are HIS kind of people! Birds of a feather flock together!

    • He sees himself in their mirror and wonders if he’ll ever be able to get the United States to look like dictatorial Venezuela? In his dreams, our nightmare and over our dead bodies in a true civil war which would happen if he tried. I just don’t have the capacity to understand the allure of these Marxist states to the demented Biden administration. I guess they need a history lesson in the founding of our country because truly they have forgotten or never knew why the Founding Fathers did what they did.

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