BOMBSHELL: Insider Blows Whistle On State Farm Indoctrinating 5-Year-Olds With Trans Ideology

(Republican Insider) – There are a few companies out there that have seemingly started to get the message that the vast majority of Americans in our society do not want the companies they purchase products and services from to play politics, especially when it comes to their children and indoctrinating them on transgenderism and other confusions involving sex.

However, it doesn’t seem that mega insurance corporation State Farm is picking up on this yet. That might change now that they have found out the hard way that pandering to the radical progressive agenda can blow up in your face.

According to a report from The Western Journal, word began to spread that the company was supporting a program that was designed to distribute material concerning children and sexual identity to kids as young as kindergarten age.

Yes, it seems State Farm has not been paying attention to the hoopla surrounding Disney and the massive backlash and profit loss they have experienced over their fight against the parental rights in education bill that passed in Florida, which forbids the teaching of sexual identity issues to kids in kindergarten through third grade.

Any “good neighbor” knows that talking to another person’s child about sex is something icky that you don’t do. Anyone with a brain cell actively functioning in their brain bucket knows that.

“In a sane world, that would go without saying. But in the United States of 2022, it took a State Farm insider to blow the whistle on the company’s program to recruit agents to “help diversify classroom, community center and library bookshelves with a collection of books to help bring clarity and understanding to the national conversation about ‘Being Transgender,’ ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Non-Binary,’” as a leaked email from a State Farm corporate responsibility analyst’ put it, according to Fox News,” the WJ report stated.

‘“Being Transgender,’ ‘Being Inclusive’ and ‘Being Non-Binary’ are the titles of three books in a bundle put out by a group called GenderCool apparently aimed at spreading the joys of gender dysmorphia to kids ages 5 and up,” the report continued. “And doing it in the nation’s classrooms, community centers and libraries.”

“The conservative group Consumers’ Research, unafraid of corporate Goliaths, drew attention to the State Farm-funded program with a short video released on Monday that reframed the company’s ‘like a good neighbor’ motto in scathing terms,” the report added.

“State Farm tells us they’re a good neighbor,” the narrator kicks off. “But would a good neighbor target 5-year-olds for conversations about sexual identity? That’s what State Farm is doing.”

The video is called “Like a Creepy Neighbor,” which is an absolutely awesome and totally appropriate title.

You just know that made State Farm very nervous.

Another video on the topic elaborated further:

And if that didn’t help you get the point, a third video most certainly will drive the whole message home:

Some of the language being used, like “Being Transgender” and “Being Non-Binary” is the sort of thing that really gets the average liberal’s engines revving. However, as it turns out, it’s not the kind of language that State Farm was willing to stand up for in the public eye.

After the Consumer Research video popped up and started to garner some news coverage, the company immediately started walking things back a bit.

The Libs of TikTok Twitter account then put up a post containing a link to an internal company email that was sent out on Monday evening.

The contents of said email make it abundantly clear that the media attention the company received is what drove their decision.

“State Farm’s support of a philanthropic program, GenderCool, has been the subject of news and customer inquiries,” the memo went on to say. “This program that included books about gender identity was intended to promote inclusivity.

“Conversations about gender and identity should happen at home with parents. We don’t support required curriculum in schools on this topic. We support organizations providing resources for parents to have these conversations,” the email continued.

“We will no longer support that program,” it concluded.

“Something clearly changed the minds of State Farm honchos, who understood a PR nightmare when they saw one coming,” The Western Journal pointed out.

So State Farm didn’t grasp an understanding of things going into this fray, but it seems they got it loud and clear now, don’t they? Let’s hope and pray other major companies get the memo so to speak.

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  1. A little to late State Farm.
    I, like I expect that many others have done, switched to another Insurance Company and got a slightly lower cost for the same insurance.
    So apologize all you want – the damage has already been done!

  2. I have State Farm Insurance. Had insurance with them for over 50 years “BUT” I will dump them in a heartbeat if I hear of them siding with the WOKE left on garbage like this again. I am fully aware I can get the same insurance from other company’s for a cheaper price than I am paying State Farm.

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