BREAKING: Verdict Against Trump Could Soon Backfire

(Republican Insider) – There’s little doubt that after hearing about the massive fine and penalties former President Donald Trump has been hit with in the case brought against him by New York State District Attorney Letitia James, radical liberals are jumping with joy. However, the partying might be a bit premature as the verdict could potentially backfire. Nothing would give us greater satisfaction than to see rain on the left’s parade, am I right?

“New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump to pay $355 million in damages in the civil fraud case that accused him of lying about his net worth to get more favorable terms from lenders. Other co-defendants, including Eric and Donald Trump Jr., were hit with penalties as well, and James estimated that when interest is added to the totals as required by state law, the sum rises to $464 million, according to The Associated Press,” The Western Journal reported.

On top of all that, both Trump and his sons are now prohibited from heading up any organization based in New York for the next three years. This seems like a pretty significant victory for the left, doesn’t it? Don’t be too hasty. There’s still a possibility this ruling gets tossed in the garbage can by a higher court after the former president files an appeal, which he’s almost certainly going to do.

“Experts told Reuters that appellate court judges often view such ‘severe penalties’ as questionable on their face, and there’s the additional possibility that they may find James to have overstepped her bounds just by bringing the lawsuit in the first place,” the piece continued.

“I think the judges are going to have to look carefully at what the powers of the attorney general are here,” Syracuse University law professor Gregory Germain went on to say in comments given to the outlet. “Are they so broad that any lie can put you out of business, even if nobody believed it?”

In short, this entire circus might have been a massive waste of time and resources. What if Trump loses the appeal, you ask? Again, that seems like a positive for James, but it actually may be a worse outcome than if he wins on appeal. The headquarters for Trump is Trump Tower, located in New York. However, if this ruling stands, he and his boys are not allowed to run a business in the area. This is a problem, right? Former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer has a simple solution.

“[Y]ou just say goodbye to New York, which fits a pattern that many successful people have been doing and leaving New York because New York is just too political, too blue and too punitive,” Fleischer remarked during an interview on Fox News. “You’re seeing that in the business community and among upper income New Yorkers already.”

Since Trump resides most of the time in Florida, why not just take his businesses down there too?

“George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said the size of Engoron’s verdict might mean that Trump isn’t the only one looking to relocate in the near future,” the report added.

“It’s one of the greatest ironies of this case,” he went on to say during a conversation with Fox. “In the name of protecting businesses in New York, you probably just led to hundreds of businesses looking at potential rentals in Florida because they look and they go, ‘wow, if we fall on the wrong side of the politics in New York, they could sell us off for spare parts.’”

And, since James based her campaign largely around going after Trump, Turley stated this might give the former president even more ammunition for an appeal. He could make a claim of selective prosecution.

“Clearly, James made this pledge that she was going to bag Donald Trump,” Turley commented during the interview. “And it is part of an overall campaign that seems to be an effort at ‘death by exposure’ both on the civil and criminal side.”

Fleischer then pointed out that the appellate court might need to save the city from the consequences of James’ prosecution of Trump and Engoron’s decision against him.

“There’s very little pressure pushing back on these politicians here to stop doing it because it’s wrong,” Fleischer asserted. “So unless the appeals process in New York comes to the rescue, it’s become a legal banana republic.”

Actions have consequences. This is a lesson liberals have, somehow, managed to avoid learning. Let’s hope they get the memo real soon.

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  1. Seems what Letitia ” Jessie ” James and Judge Roy Bean have done is like a bank robbery without taking
    any money and not holding up anything!!! Be easy to see this could be like pouring ” Drain-O down the
    throats of the businesses in NY!!!! Signal…….. get out while you still have your $$ and assets…lett’em
    know your exiting…quickly….there must be greener pastures else where……


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