CNN Host Cuts Away From Trump’s Response Following 9-0 SCOTUS Ruling To ‘Fact-Check’ Him

(Republican Insider) – In case you haven’t noticed, CNN, an extremely left-leaning news network, doesn’t care very much for former President Donald Trump. Not a whole lot of clues being dropped to expose their true feelings about the man, so it’s understandable you didn’t pick up on how much they truly hate him. I, of course, am being sarcastic. If there’s one thing we’re all well aware of, it’s the disdain CNN carries for Trump.

The only thing they seem to hate more than the former president himself is whenever he happens to score a big victory, like on Monday when the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Colorado could not remove Trump from the GOP primary ballot in the state, despite their own Supreme Court booting him for supposedly participating in an insurrection.

Trump took an opportunity not long after the decision was announced to give a few remarks.

“I want to start by thanking the Supreme Court for its unanimous decision today. It was a very important decision, were very well crafted, and I think it will go a long way toward bringing our country together, which our country needs,” the former president said about the ruling, according to Fox News.

“And they worked long, they worked hard, and frankly, they worked very quickly on something that will be spoken about 100 years from now and 200 years from now,” he added. “Extremely important.”

Trump then slammed the Colorado Supreme Court for their initial decision, stating, “You cannot take somebody out of a race because an opponent would like to have it that way.”

He told the viewing audience that he wants to win the presidential race based on his policies, going on to reveal he has plans to cut taxes — always a great idea — lower interest rates, and reduce the price of housing. These are good economic policies that will help stimulate growth and development, which are non-existent under the current administration.

Trump hit on the most important issue for American voters at the moment: the border crisis. He stated he would ensure the border is closed and secured.

He then claimed that the southern border was once the most secure out of all U.S. borders, but now it is the worst of the bunch.

CNN soon became furious over these claims and cut away from covering the news conference at Mar-a-Lago. One of the network’s super liberal hosts, Dana Bash, was none too happy about the big win for Trump.

The Western Journal reported, “She spoke during the news conference, saying that Trump ‘veered into lots of other areas where we definitely have to fact-check.’ Bash then began discussing immigration, the last point that was made, saying it had ‘nothing to do with the Supreme Court decision today’ and trying to take any wind out of Trump’s sails. Of course, it’s far from surprising that a CNN host would be blue after the Colorado court decision was overturned.”

How often does the network “fact-check” President Joe Biden when he’s giving a speech? Not nearly as much as they do Trump, if it all. That much is certain. CNN was thrilled to pieces when the Colorado ruling came down, believing they had found a way to defeat Trump. If it weren’t for that meddling Constitution, they would have gotten away with it too!

Once SCOTUS shot down their big chance to stop the former president, they clearly got ticked off and are looking for some way to deflate him and his followers. Poor babies.

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