Dem Disaster Poll: Trump Crushes Biden And Puts Replacements To Shame

(Republican Insider) – The Democratic Party is no doubt in full panic mode after receiving some brand new polling data that not only shows former President Donald Trump beating the socks off President Joe Biden in the general election, but also delivering a massive wallop to any of the potential individuals they might be considering to replace him with as the nominee. Lots of folks have theorized that due to Biden’s extremely poor numbers, age, and declining cognitive health, the Democratic Party might end up choosing a new nominee to take on Trump later this year.

However, it appears that not even that course of action will be enough to save them from huge losses in November. It seems Trump is inevitable. A poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports asked a total of 912 voters who they would choose in the upcoming election.

“It began by showing the results of a Biden versus Trump November match-up. Trump managed to win by a considerable margin, garnering 49 percent versus 41 percent for Biden. Notably, the gap had widened from the previous month’s poll, which had the former president leading by only six percent, so Trump’s margin has only increased,” The Western Journal penned.

“Trump managed to get a considerable win against California Governor Gavin Newsom, a popular choice to replace Biden on the Democratic ticket. In the polls, the former president garnered 51 percent while the California politician trailed behind with just 34 percent, a massive gap between the two,” the report added. “Even Michelle Obama, who many consider to be a potential saving grace for the Democratic ticket in 2024, as Newsweek reported, still lost by a decent margin. Trump managed to get 50 percent support while the former first lady trailed at 43 percent.”

When only considering possible independent voters, Trump beat Biden by 12 percent. Facing off against Newsom he whooped the California governor by 19 percent and defeated Michelle Obama by 8 percent. In other words, the MAGA wave is on its way.

One of the most important issues to current voters is the border crisis. Ever since Joe Biden took office, thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens have crossed into our country on a daily basis. We’ve witnessed violent crimes rise as a result, not to mention the financial strain to support these individuals once they enter the United States. And Biden has done nothing to solve this problem.

When Trump was in office, the border was far more secure than it is today. He helped create millions of jobs for American workers and restored our dignity on the geopolitical stage. Is it any wonder people want him back in office?

With Biden we’ve seen spikes in crime, a skyrocketing inflation rate, and the price of groceries have gone up so high you almost have to take out a second mortgage just to purchase basic necessities.

People are sick and tired of the suffering and are ready to try a different approach. That’s bad news for Democrats.

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  1. GOP doesn’t have enough money to support Trump’s family to the election and get anything else done. Is this what we’ve decided to do? Please.


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