Elon Musk Posts A Cryptic 3-Word Tweet That Is Bound To Send Woke Twitter Employees Into A Meltdown

(Republican Insider) – While billionaire futurist Elon Musk cooks up a plot to try and purchase social media giant Twitter, he has posted up a series of cryptic tweets as part of his current routine.

According to The Western Journal, the latest example of this is when Musk used the title of a classic novel to drop a hint about what his next move might be.

“_________ is the Night,” Musk posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

There are a few different possibilities for the title, though, according to WJ, one particular word that might fit is “tender.” This could be a reference to the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, “Tender is the Night,” which is one of the most well-known novels in American history.

When you think about the recent happenings in Musk’s attempt to buy Twitter and take it private, this tweet is very interesting.

“Musk has offered to buy all of Twitter for $54.20 per share. The total cost of this bid would be $43 billion,” the WJ report said. “According to the New York Post, Musk is willing to invest between $10 and $15 billion of his own money in the bid. The rest of the funds would have to come from co-investors.”

“Musk is aiming to get investors to join him in ‘a complex deal that raises debt against both the company and possibly [Musk’s] own stock, as well as a giant cash equity infusion from co-investors,’ the Post reported,” the report continued.

Musk is hoping to raise $20 billion from other co-investors to help launch a tender offer directly to the shareholders of Twitter. Investopedia says that a tender offer is a “bid to purchase some or all of shareholders’ stock in a corporation.”

“Such an offer would usually be a public invitation for shareholders ‘to sell their shares for a specified price and within a particular window of time’ that would be ‘at a premium to the market price and is often contingent upon a minimum or a maximum number of shares sold,'” the report explained.

Using this plan, Musk would not own all of the company himself. Actually, the combined stake of the co-investors would probably outweigh Musk’s own stake.

However, Musk would still be the largest single shareholder in the company, which means he would have the most pull.

“Just a few days before Tuesday’s tweet, Musk used Elvis Presley’s 1956 track ‘Love Me Tender’ to hint at his possible next steps in a separate tweet,” the report said.

“Musk is both powerful and thoughtful, and he understands the effect simple tweets like these can have. For example, Netflix’s shares on the stock market dropped 35 percent on Wednesday morning after Musk criticized the company on Twitter on Tuesday,” the WJ reported.

At the end of the day, what really matters is that people get this company away from the radical left and make it a free speech platform where all ideas are free to be shared and no one has to worry about having their voices silenced. Let’s hope that’s what happens.

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