Elon Musk’s Alarming Warning Reaches Over 19 Million Viewers

(Republican Insider) – As we’ve watched the border crisis unfold for years now under President Joe Biden, many people have wondered why he and his administration are not taking any sort of action to alleviate the number of crossings by just finishing construction on the wall and enforcing the law. Why is the border being left wide open? There are a number of possible explanations for the employment of this strategy, however, one in particular definitely spells trouble for conservatives in Congress.

You see, Democrats are attempting to use illegal aliens as a means to tilt the balance of power in Congress toward their own party. They plan on doing that by counting illegals in the Census, which would increase the population of certain states, creating additional representatives that could add to their numbers. In other words, the left is doing experiments with our nation’s demographics in order to ensure they stay in power for long stretches of time.

This is how they destroy America.

“Most Americans do not know that the US census currently counts, for purposes of voting power, all people in a district, regardless of citizenship!” billionaire Elon Musk wrote Friday in a post on X. By Saturday, the post had whipped up 19.2 million views.

“Senate Democrats just voted unanimously to defeat an amendment that would have stopped counting illegals for congressional seat apportionment and electoral college (presidential) votes,” he added.

Musk then went on to point out that counting illegal aliens gives Democrats a huge boost.

“Since illegals are mostly in Democrat states, both the House and the Presidential vote are shifted ~5% to the left, which is enough to change the entire balance of power! This is a major reason why the Biden administration is ushering in record levels of illegals and doing so few deportations,” he explained.

“The post came the same day that Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty of Tennessee saw an amendment go down to defeat that would have banned counting illegal immigrants for Census purposes,” The Western Journal said.

“Today I forced Chuck Schumer to hold a vote on whether illegal aliens should be counted for determining the number of congressional seats and electoral votes each state gets,” Hagerty declared in a news release posted on his website.

“Democrats’ unanimous opposition to this commonsense measure confirms that they’re using illegal aliens and sanctuary cities to increase their political power,” he noted. “With this vote, Senate Democrats chose to trample on the rights of each American’s voice. I will continue to fight and press this issue in the Senate.”

Hagerty then remarked that “most people in America are shocked to find out that we count the presence of illegal immigrants in determining the allocation of congressional districts and electoral votes.”

“But if you think about the motives for the crime that’s taking place at our southern border, that is it. That’s what the Democrats are trying to do,” he explained. “And it’s a sheer power grab. It’s cynical as hell, and it’s actually the most straightforward explanation of why they would tolerate this carnage and mayhem. It’s in order to retain and gain power.”

This is the kind of despicable scheming liberals have engaged in that allows for innocent people to become victims of violent illegals who cross into our country through the “open border.” What’s worse is Democrats seem to have a “can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” philosophy about the whole ordeal, caring little for the collateral damage that has resulted from their power play.

An executive order that was signed by Joe Biden in 2021 requires the Census Bureau to count every single person, regardless of their citizenship status. Gee, it’s almost like Biden and his minions planned the whole mess from the start.

“Illegal immigration has all kinds of effects and among them is that it distorts the mechanics of democratic government,” Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, stated concerning the border crisis.

“Illegal immigrants aren’t even supposed to be here, so their inclusion in the Census count for purposes of apportionment really is outrageous,” he continued.

“There are a lot of close votes in Congress, more than there used to be. So, it can, in fact, make a difference,” Krikorian added.

It’s time to bring this crisis to an end. We need Trump. He’s the only one with the gumption to finish the wall and send illegals packing.

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  1. I read in Epoch Times that Joe signed an executive order in 21 giving illegals (undocumenteds) the right to vote


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