Emergency Alert: CNN’s New Owner Confirms Network Is ‘Leader In News To The Left’

(Republican Insider) – The cable news industry was absolutely shaken to its core last week when CNN President Jeffrey Zucker stepped down suddenly from his position after failing to disclose a romantic relationship he was involved in with the network’s chief marketing officer, Allison Gollust.

As soon as this news hit, folks began to wonder who might be replacing Zucker as the head of the very left-leaning organization and what kind of impact this change might end up having on the struggling network.

According to WND, once Discovery Inc., finally closes the merger deal with Warner Media, CNN’s parent company, which is supposed to happen this spring, Discovery CEO David Zaslav will then be the man in charge of the network.

The New York Post stated in a recent piece that during a conversation held on Friday with CNBC host Joe Kernan concerning the future of CNN, Zaslav said that the network was “the leader in news to the left.”

Finally! Someone admits that CNN is completely and totally biased toward liberal ideology. This is something we’ve all known, but many on the liberal side of the fence refused to actually admit.

“We have this great entertainment menu, which should keep people in the home, from the kids to the grandparents. Why would they go anywhere else? And then we’re the leader in news to the left,” Zaslav went on to say during the chat.

Kernan was clearly surprised by Zaslav’s admission and responded by saying, “Definitely to the left. Did you say to the left?”

He then stated that he “probably shouldn’t have said that.”

The Post then went on to point out that Zaslav didn’t “clarify” the comment and reported that the segment then instantly went “viral on social media, where users pointed to it as an acknowledgement that CNN leans left politically.”

Seemingly scared by the comment made by Zaslav, the communication team over at Discovery went into full damage control mode. The Post contacted the company about the statement Zaslav made and reported that the team “insisted he wasn’t talking about politics.”

A representative then said that Zaslav “didn’t finish his thought,” going on to explain that Zaslav speaks of “the left” or “the right” in reference to “current and future business initiatives.”

“The representative pointed to Zaslov’s reference later in the CNBC interview to growth ‘on the right side of the company,’ which he said included HBO and their portfolio of sports rights,” the WND report said.

“The Post was told this was how Zaslov organized his discussions about Discovery’s portfolio,” the report stated.

Is it even possible for a communications team that is part of a massive corporation like this to possibly do a worse job of resetting an unfavorable narrative than the individuals over at Discovery?

“The Daily Mail reported that CNBC had posted a clip of Zaslov’s interview with Kernan on Twitter. For obvious reasons, they quickly deleted it,” the report continued.

The Mail then said, “Mediaite, which initially reported on the comment as a political remark, later issued a correction to clarify that ‘Zaslav was referring to the left side of the Discovery portfolio, not the left side of the political aisle.'”

The Post also stated that CNN anchor Brian Stelter has reported that the top dogs over at Discovery see the departure of Zucker as a “fresh start” for the news network.

“In a November interview with Deadline, Zaslov described Fox News as ‘much more of an advocacy network than a news network,'” the WND report stated.

Says the same guy who is soon to be leading the top left-leaning news source in the country.

“Given Zaslov’s history as a liberal, we shouldn’t expect any serious departures from CNN’s far-left take on the news. Yes, a new leader will implement some programming changes at the network, but don’t expect any real material changes to the content CNN is putting out or the audience to which it is crafted and marketed,” the report added.

So basically, we’re just in for more of the same from CNN. Big shock, right?

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