House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Goes On Foul-Mouthed Rant About ‘Ignorant’ Americans (VIDEO)

(Republican Insider) – As it turns out, the American people don’t approve of the job Joe Biden is doing simply because they just don’t know what he’s doing. Biden is, apparently, doing amazing things for the US, at least according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It’s just, Americans are too uninformed to know what these things are.

That must explain his abysmal approval rating and why it keeps dropping every time there’s a new poll.

That must be the reason why Americans are still chanting “F*** Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” at sporting events, other gatherings, and in public spaces. That’s why merchandise sales for products featuring these slogans are flying off the shelves, despite the bare shelves in the grocery stores.

Americans hate the record inflation on groceries and household items and the skyrocketing gas prices because they just don’t understand why it’s actually good.

We hated the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal debacle that resulted in the loss of 13 American service members’ lives and we hate the Russia-Ukraine conflict because we just don’t know enough to understand why world unrest is actually in America’s best interest.

Americans want the crisis on the southern border to be taken care of and we want the wall finished and we want illegal aliens to stop pouring into our country because we’re just too ignorant to see how it’s a great thing for our way of life and standard of living.

Nancy Pelosi has it all figured out.

Those terrible poll numbers for both him and his unpopular, unlikeable vice president, Kamala Harris, are obviously just a result of the American people’s misguided public sentiment.

In explaining why Biden’s State of the Union Address was going to be “so important,” Pelosi stated that “for people to appreciate what the president has done and working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is.”

Ah, yes. The American people just don’t know what it is that Biden has done for the US that has been good. Thankfully, Joe Biden himself can inform the American people through the State of the Union Address on just how wonderful he is and what a fantastic job he and his regime are doing.

It’s comical really.

In his SOTU address last night, Biden made comments about the economic recovery being a success but that he understands the ongoing anxieties of Americans who have yet to feel the economic turnaround.

Could that be because we just don’t know enough to understand that higher costs of goods and utilities is actually a good thing for us? It’s all for our own good. It’s the way a good, strong economy is supposed to work, of course.

We just don’t know enough. Thank goodness Joe Biden was able-bodied enough to stand before the American people Tuesday night and explain to us all the ways in which he is actually doing good for the US, even if we’re more broke than ever, the world is less stable and illegal aliens are pouring into our country at record pace.

Now we know the regime is actually doing an amazing job. Surely, public sentiment will improve now that the American people just know better.

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  1. I guess her supplier still has her ice cream in stock so she has not felt the “pinch” .. She can consider me too foolish to understand Joe & his “good work” but she does not know what I consider Her, Joe and many people in Congress! GOD PLEASE FORGIVE US AND HELP AMERICA !!

  2. Pelosi is as big an IDIOT and as CLUELESS as the senile sock puppet pretending to be “president,” even though we did not elect him!

  3. I guess we are all supposed to sit back and be grateful for the high gas prices, the high inflation, the shortage of food at the grocery store, un-vaxed illegals flooding across our border and being shipped by Biden to any state that they want to go all at taxpayer expense, the forced mandates, threats and loss of jobs if you don’t submit and get a covid vaccine which has not been tested before being released onto the public! And now the threat of a war with Russia if we help Ukraine! What does he and the democrat party think we are stupid!

  4. You know she’s lying when she said she has no control over the Capitol police. That’s why she was quick to snap at the reporter. She is the Speaker of the House and she IS absolutely the person who hires the Capitol police, she’s responsible for the House and she’s also the person who told the Capitol police that they didn’t need the National Guard on January 6th. She is responsible! As usual we all know that anything coming out of her mouth is a LIE!

  5. This doesn’t have a clue Piglosi is out to lunch always!! According to her she
    can do no wrong only us citizens!!! She totally failed in her responsibilities
    by not getting the National Guard involved. But to Miss know it all, when
    she screws up it’s never her fault! She is a sorry excuse for the position she
    holds!! Hopefully for not much longer!!!! She has only ONE mission to do
    everything in her power to stop Trump from coming back to clean up her
    and the Demo’s MESS!!!! That is what this whole thing is about Jan 6
    committee !!! Can only have members that hate Trump serve as she has
    shown!!! They must hurry with this before mid terms or their illegal trap
    will collapse out from under her!! Then she will be powerless!!! A good
    thing for the rest of us that have witnessed this whole ( anything to get
    Trump at all cost true or not ). We deserve much, much better than her!!!
    So how about jumping on your broom and head back to California?
    Like yesterday???? Thank you very much!!!

  6. Biden and Pelosi and Schumer are all three lying through their teeth every time they step up to a mike to speak to “we the people”. The only difference is that Biden does not know what he is reading and so his handlers are actually the liars. We must get Pelosi and Schumer out of leadership in the mid term elections so we will have some conservative control over what is happening in our country.

  7. What ever happened to the Securities & Exchange Commission rules on INSIDER TRADING? Is elected officials exempt from the law? If not, why is Pelosi and others not held accountable? If they passed a law exempting them, then I recall the Constitution stating elected officials will not pass any law that exempts them from the same established law. As such, the IRS should take all the $55M she made along with others to the treasury to cover their financial malfeasant towards Americans.

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