Jim Jordan Accuses Biden HHS Chief Of Hiding Gang Affiliation Of Illegals

(Republican Insider) – Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has issued a subpoena to the Department of Health and Human Services demanding they hand over the case files concerning a number of illegal aliens who came into the United States when they were children and later went on to be charged with numerous violent crimes, including murder. This is what happens when you have administrations in office who do not care at all about national security and want to leave the southern border wide open for anyone on planet earth to enter our country.

According to Fox News, Jordan has been making requests for these files since last summer, but went on to say the response from HHS has been “woefully inadequate.” Some of the illegals have been charged with thefts while other are involved in assaults and murder. Are these really the kind of folks we want in the country? We have plenty of our own homegrown baddies to deal with. We don’t need villains from all over the world attending the party.

“Initially, Jordan said in a letter to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, HHS cited the privacy interests of those charged and ‘asserted that the Committee lacked a legitimate oversight purpose to obtain the case files.’ The back-and-forth over the files continued through November, until HHS offered to allow committee members to review documents on camera if officials agreed not to photograph or record documents and provide three days of notice prior to the release of any information obtained,” the report noted.

The committee immediately pushed back by stating that the files in question are not considered classified or restricted.

“HHS’s attempt to unilaterally limit or in any way dictate how a Congressional committee lawfully uses materials to inform potential legislative reforms constitutes unacceptable interference with the workings of a coordinate branch of government and cannot be considered a good faith accommodation,” Jordan went on to write.

The piece then stated, “Despite that, he said, the committee agreed to review the documents on camera and allow HHS to propose redactions during and after the review. However, when committee officials reviewed the documents, they found that HHS had applied what he called ‘pervasive’ redactions to the documents, including not only personal information but entire narrative passages such as travel routes taken by the immigrants and ‘serious incident reports’ while they were in custody.”

“Across multiple case files, HHS redacted information about whether specific UACs [unaccompanied alien children] had ‘identifying scars, marks, or tattoos’ — information that can be indicative of gang affiliation,” the Ohio Republican remarked. “Worse, HHS went so far as to redact information explicitly requested by the Committee, including information shared with HHS by other agencies and immigration case history information.”

“By unilaterally redacting the case files, HHS rendered the requested materials provided for in camera review all but useless, frustrating and impeding the Committee’s constitutional oversight obligations,” he added.

Due to the seeming lack of cooperation from HHS, Jordan issued a subpoena for the documents, making the case that the committee is in possession of the power necessary to conduct oversight and pointed out that information gleaned from the documentation can be used to help guide the legislation creation process on issues like the placement of UACs and treatment of criminal illegal aliens.

Again, this whole mess would be completely unnecessary if we have leadership that respected the rule of law. The border needs to be sealed off. This is not up for discussion. It’s the only thing that stands in the way of an invasion. Along with this, we need to quickly process those illegals that are already here and then ship them back home to their countries of origin. We must ensure our own national security and reduce the crime rate in border cities.

You can read the full subpoena below:

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