MAGA ALERT! Sarah Palin Slated For Big Comeback…

(Republican Insider) – It seems former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is poised to make a political comeback, as the latest results from Saturday show that she’s currently atop many candidates who are involved in the primary election for the House seat that was formerly held by GOP member Don Young, who passed away back in March.

According to The Western Journal, under the rules in Alaska, the four top finishers in Saturday’s voting move forward to a special election to be held in August to decide who will fill the remainder of Young’s term, which will come to an end in January.

Palin, who was formerly a Republican vice presidential candidate in 2008 alongside presidential candidate Sen. John McCain of Arizona, but lost to former President Barack Obama, has earned the seal of approval from former President Donald Trump.

“She did a phenomenal job and really became a MAGA warrior. And to this day, that’s what she is,” Trump went on to say during a June 2 tele-rally, according to a report from Alaska Public Media.

“Figures released by Alaska officials Saturday total 108,981 ballots cast. It was not clear if this was a full count of all ballots received,” the report said. “Palin received 32,371 votes, or 29.77 percent, of the total to lead the contest.”

“Fellow Republican Nick Begich had 20,994 votes to rank second at 19.31 percent. Al Gross, an independent, was third at 13,563 votes, which amounted to 12.47 of the votes cast. Democratic state legislator Mary Peltola received 8,101 votes, or 7.45 percent of the votes cast,” The Western Journal reported.

“Thank you, Alaska,” Palin stated in a tweet posted on Sunday.

“I’m looking forward to the special general election so we can highlight our ideas for fixing this country by responsibly developing Alaska’s God-given natural resources, getting runaway government spending under control, protecting human life, protecting the right to keep and bear arms, and restoring respect for individual liberty and the Constitution,” she continued.

Much of Palin’s campaign was focused on high gas prices, which have been exploding all over the country.

“My F-150 — One hundred and fifty bucks, out there in Wasilla, to fuel it up, that F-150. And it’s not even on a souped-up model, either,” she went on to say, according to Alaska Public Media. “I know you guys, too, you see that every time you fuel up.”

“On Saturday, Alaska’s Supreme Court reversed a lower court order that had held up certification of the vote totals for the primary until visually impaired voters were given a ‘full and fair’ opportunity to participate, according to the Associated Press,” the Western Journal reported.

Just the News revealed that the election was a real scramble with a total of 48 candidates on the ballot.

The former Alaska governor is also set to be on the ballot for the Aug. 16 primary, which will help slim down a list of candidates who are also trying to win a full two-year term for Young’s seat, which he held for nearly 49 years, according to the report from Alaska Public Media.

“The special election primary Palin led included a candidate legally named Santa Claus, who offered a unique reason for voters to support him,” the report from WJ continued.

“[S]hould the voters put me in [Congress],…. I’d be in there over the holiday season,” he stated. “And I think a lot of children will get kind of a kick out of it.”

Unfortunately for him, he only received 4,864 votes according to the results, which is quite a bit shy of what he needed in order to advance.

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