‘NeverTrump’ Establishment: George W. Bush Sends Maximum Donations To Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Trump

(Republican Insider) – If you want to talk about betrayal today, how about we have a discussion about some new information coming out about former President George W. Bush, who according to WND, has been opening up his checkbook to help members of the GOP who were are known for their hardcore opposition to President Donald Trump.

Financial data for Liz Cheney has Bush listed as a campaign donor. The Wyoming congresswoman voted in favor of impeaching Trump and frequently makes it clear she despises the influence he continues to have on the Republican Party. Cheney, of course, is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney who served with Bush.

Apparently, Bush also gave a healthy chunk of change to Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who was also a big supporter of the second impeachment effort against Trump.

“Campaign finance data published by the Federal Election Commission on Monday reveals Bush donated $5,800 to Cheney at the end of 2021, the maximum individual contribution, according to Politico,” the report revealed. “Bush donated $2,900 — the maximum donation in a Senate primary election — to Murkowski.”

If you look at Bush’s records for political campaign donations, he never supported Murkowski in the past, seemingly suggesting her anti-Trump stance might be the reason he donated.

Murkowski has a reputation for being the most liberal GOP senator in Washington, having voted previously against the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who was a nominee chosen by Trump.

“Trump has endorsed Murkowski’s challenger in Alaska’s Republican primary, former state Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka,” the WND report said.

“Murkowski — who has lost a state Republican primary before, only to run as an independent candidate — has faced a censure from the Alaska Republican Party, which finally lost patience with the senator after she supported the second effort to remove Trump from office,” the report continued.

Cheney is facing some big time heat from a very serious primary challenger in Trump-endorsed candidate Harriet Hageman, as polls have indicated that Cheney is trailing her considerably.

“In spite of polling showing Cheney’s unpopularity in Wyoming, she’s out-fundraised her opponent, with D.C. and coastal political elites providing the rogue Republican with millions in cash and propping up what some conservatives have called a form of controlled opposition within the GOP,” the report added.

Cheney has managed to raise more than $1.9 million during the last quarter of 2021, according to a report from Politico.

Murkowski has also managed to grab the attention of some big-money donors too, finishing up 2021 with more than $4.2 million in cash on hand.

“Already a black sheep among House Republicans, Cheney has further distanced herself from conservatives by participating in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee,” the report said.

“Bush departed office as one of the most unpopular presidents in American history, with critics on both the left and the right pointing to his belligerent foreign policy and the collapse of the American financial system at the end of his presidency,” WND reported.

Bush, who claims to be retired from politics and is allegedly not interested in remaining in the public eye, has surfaced on numerous occasions with pro-establishment statements and rhetoric.

He seemingly targeted American citizens during a 9/11 commemoration speech last year, where he likened those he felt were “extremists” to members of the al Qaida terrorist group.

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