New CNN Boss Hits Leftist Hosts With Major Bad News

(Republican Insider) – We’ve all heard the phrase, “Go woke, go broke,” countless times over the course of the last 6 years and it has proven to hold true, for the most part, for corporations who have jumped on board with the radical left’s anti-American agenda.

Now one of the biggest propagators of wokeness is facing a reality check.

CNN has utterly plummeted in ratings over the last several years. Further, the abysmal launch and subsequent canceling of the network’s streaming service is even further proof that Americans have had enough of the constant leftist antics and grandstanding CNN has become known for.

The network’s new president, Chris Licht, has wasted no time shaking things up and attempting to turn the partisan organization into something that more closely resembles a news network.

Axios reported Tuesday that Licht is planning to review the performances of the networks’ notable personalities to see if they are too tainted by leftist ideology to reform their ways and act more like actual journalists.

Basically, their jobs are on the line.

“If talent cannot adjust to a less partisan tone and strategy, they could be ousted, three sources familiar with the matter tell Axios,” the outlet reported.

It’s been well reported that Licht wants less propaganda and partisan theatrics for which CNN has developed a reputation for, and more “traditional journalism.”

After taking over CNN last month, Licht has jumped right into making serious changes.

“CNN’s ubiquitous ‘Breaking News’ banner is gone, now reserved for instances of truly urgent events,” The New York Times reported Sunday. “Snarky on-screen captions — ‘Angry Trump Turns Briefing Into Propaganda Session,’ for instance — are discouraged. Political shows are trying to book more conservative voices, and producers have been urged to ignore Twitter backlash from the far right and the far left.

“A month into his tenure as the new leader of CNN, Chris Licht is starting to leave his mark on the 24-hour news network.”

Licht replaced Jeff Zucker, who resigned in February and who is also responsible for the partisan direction CNN has taken over the last decade. The official story is that Zucker stepped down because of a secretive relationship with female CNN executive Allison Gollust.

However, the fact that the network has been tanking for years is more than likely the real reason for his departure.

Others at CNN have also had their share of public controversies, as The Western Journal reports:

In December 2021, network host Chris Cuomo was fired. The early version of that story was Cuomo gave inappropriate assistance to his brother, disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. It was later reported Chris Cuomo was accused of sexual assault.

Also in 2021, two CNN producers were implicated in crimes against children, as reported by Fox News.

Network host Don Lemon was embroiled in a lawsuit alleging he had sexually assaulted a bartender in 2018. That suit was dropped in May after the supposed victim recanted his story.

Another host, Brian Stelter, was publicly lambasted for CNN’s bias at a college event. On his popular YouTube channel, actor Russell Brand mocked Stelter’s overwrought presentation style.

The rollout of pay service CNN+ was a disaster. It crashed and burned in a matter of weeks.

In short, the network is an outright disaster. Despite being the “most trusted name in news” the network has consistently struggled in viewership for years. Meanwhile, Fox News has been dominating the ratings, according to figures from May. MSNBC came in a distant second while CNN was even further back in third place.

Reforming CNN and rehabilitating its reputation is certainly no small task. Licht appears to be the man for the job, however, but he certainly has his work cut out for him.

The good news is, many of the top inflammatory personalities at the network may find themselves soon out of a job. It’s almost impossible to imagine Don Lemon, Brian Stelter or Jim Acosta ever being impartial and nonpartisan.

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  1. These journalists wrecked this broadcasting network so they brought it on themselves, after all it is the money the station rakes in that pay their salaries.
    Hopefully they don’t recover quickly considering the distorted views they have imposed on long suffering viewers. All in all good riddance to extremely bad rubbish.

  2. Nobody cares about hateful, leftist, communist, socialist, nasty, lying, fake news CNN station (or others ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc. as well). You have lied, made dumb stuff up, subjected Trump and WE THE PEOPLE to slanderous, dishonest, hateful garbage. Never watched CNN and never would. You are washed up and you reap what you sow. Removing “Breaking News” from your agenda is stupid and will not work and is assinine. Your Board of Directors need to cash it in and just go to Disney Land, who is in the same sewer, Anti-American boat you are in. See ya, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

    • Agree! Should also add a large number of local news stations, woke commercials and network brainwashing network spots pushing their personal woke agendas and opinions.
      The majority of true Americans have had enough and want to preserve OUR country.

  3. This headline has worn itself out. It has been used continuously for months-nothing changes. Break it out again when any of the stooges at CNN gets fired.

    • I agree, if it is to change from garbage fake news then get rid of the trash now and fire those anti-American parasites!
      Stop suggesting and get it done!
      Sounds like more propaganda by CNN( communist news network ) to keep them afloat!

    • Update: It’s now one month later, Aug 3, and this stupid article with the same headline is trotted out again. What’s up with this?

  4. I would hope that these guys would be handed their walking papers. Jim Acosta should be the first one to be “canned”. After all the grandstanding he did while Donald Trump was President was about the most unprofessional person on CNN. I still can’t figure out why he doesn’t do the same thing to Biden. Maybe he is no longer welcome in the press briefings. Don Lemon seems to be trying to be a bit more reserved. There is no hope for Brian Stelter in my opinion. It’s impossible for a tiger to change is stripes.

  5. Kick’em all out, they are despicable evil people. the least they know how to do is JOURNALISM: Too damn partisan. I Dislike CNN for its FAKE FAKE FAKE NEWS: Will they recover? only changing personnel.

  6. NOT without a CHANGE IN ETHICS……That’s the BOTTOM LINE……”ETHICS”….It’s actually amazing just how MANY PEOPLE do NOT know what ETHICS is…..Without it….ETHICS…..nothing changes for the better! Get the “ETHICS IN”, (as when Trump was in office) and see the miraculous POSITIVE CHAGES take place!!!

  7. CNN needs a complete facelift of Journalists who have become totally woke and biased against President Trump. It is obvious that Don Lemon, Jim Ocasta, Brian Stelter and others have an agenda ti get rid of Trump, These folks are so biased that they have become attack dogs rather than Reporters if News. They have no Journalistic integrity whatsoever.

  8. Mr. Licht can do everything in his imagination to fix CNN. It will be like attempting to fix the hole in the Titanic with plumbers putty. The bottom line, ALL the people of CNN have been a bane on the US and need to go.

  9. CNN is the perfect diet pill, after they feed you
    that garbage, you don’t have an appetite.
    They went beyond Woke, they just proved how
    much they hate America 24/7. That goes for the
    other Woke networks, you know who you are.
    I watch Newsmax and Fox. More people should
    do the same.

  10. Because of CNN’s biased propaganda and opinion-oriented news instead of delivering news, I got rid of my TV sets years ago. The result is less stress and more time to tell relatives and friends to avoid watching CNN.


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