SHOWDOWN: Ex-Navy SEALs Running For Congress Unite To Take Down ‘Grave Threat’ Nancy Pelosi

(Republican Insider) – The American people have had enough of the radical left’s anti-American agenda and many are stepping up and getting involved in ways they never have before.

America is in desperate need of saving. This is not dramatic rhetoric. This is reality. Unless the American people do something, this great country is going to permanently fall under the control of maniacal leftists who want a New World Order.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), is one of the most well-known faces of the radical left but now she’s got a target on her back.

Six former Navy SEALs, all with combat experience, are running for the House of Representatives in the fast-approaching November midterms and they all have one goal in their sights: unseating Pelosi.

The group released an ad on Tuesday through a political action committee and they want potential voters to know their mission is clear. They want Pelosi to be shut down.

The ad is only 30 seconds long but is highly effective. It showcases the six former SEALs and the congressional districts each is campaigning in. It also clearly drives the point home that they want Pelosi gone.

“They took a blood oath to defend America,” the narrator intones.

“They understand that the only easy day was yesterday. They know that our enemies are no match for their strength and their courage. These former Navy SEALs have protected America from enemies all over the world.”

At the end of the ad, a picture of Nancy Pelosi is shown and the narrator says, “Now they have one grave threat left to defeat,” and closes with, “Join them.”

The ad could not be more clear. Nancy Pelosi is a threat to the US and so is every single lock-step Democrat in Congress. Americans are beginning to see this truth now.

Since the Biden regime usurped power after the stolen election, we’ve seen just how bad Democratic policies have been for America.

Biden has disgraced America on the international stage and has all but crashed our economy. Inflation is through the roof, grocery store shelves are bare in many parts of the US, Americans are out of good paying jobs, and the COVID charade still rages on.

Pelosi and her Senate counterpart Chuck Schumer have been doing their part to destroy America from within long before Biden took the White House.

The House has just recently passed a bill that would destroy elections in the US by giving the federal government total control of elections among other preposterous measures, like outlawing voter ID laws and making it impossible for states to ban ballot harvesting.

Fortunately, there are two Senators, Joe Manchin(WV) and Krysten Sinema (AZ), standing in the gap but the reality is, there would be no danger of this egregious bill even passing the Senate if it weren’t for Nancy Pelosi and her demented agenda.

Pelosi was the most visible figure of the “resistance” to President Trump during his tenure and it was Pelosi who orchestrated and led two sham impeachment attempts against the duly elected Trump.

She has shamelessly used the pandemic as a cover to push outrageous spending bills through Congress and it’s Pelosi who is pushing for the anti-American election “reform.”

Pelosi is a true threat to the US and now she’s being targeted by six Navy SEAL combat veterans.

The SEAL PAC website gives the following information on the six SEALs:

Eli Crane is running in Arizona’s 1st Congressional District; Brady Duke in Florida’s 7th Congressional District; Ed Thelander in Maine’s 1st Congressional District; Ryan Zinke in Montana’s 1st Congressional District; Morgan Luttrell, in Texas’ 8th Congressional District; and Derrick Van Orden in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District.

Pelosi’s days are numbered. The midterms are sure to bring major defeat to the Democrats and their radical, anti-American agenda.

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