Top Democrats In Panic Mode As Biden Campaign Reaches ‘Point Of No Return’

(Republican Insider) – The folks over at one of the worst liberal news networks in the country, CNN, recently pointed out that there are more than a few “top Democrats” who are extremely concerned that President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is on the rocks and could potentially be “past a point of no return.” The comments were included in a ridiculous article that was attempting very hard to push Vice President Kamala Harris as being an individual who could be the savior of Biden’s efforts to stay in the White House. The very concept is enough to make you bust a gut from laughter.

The Sunday column appeared to be in the throes of desperation as the publication claimed that Harris is an “integral” piece of Biden’s campaign, despite the fact that she has far worse approval ratings than the president’s, and his are swirling around the bottom of the drain.

Just think about this for a moment. CNN is really attempting to bamboozle the people who read their work into believing that a woman who cannot express a coherent thought during a public speaking engagement to save her poor, tired soul, is somehow a secret genius that has the power and capability of flipping Biden’s efforts to remain president completely around? I can’t speak for anyone else, but I certainly am not buying what they are selling.

“But even CNN had to note that Harris seems to be on the outside looking in and that she is attempting to assert more control over the campaign after meeting stiff resistance from Biden’s White House insiders,” The Western Journal said.

“According to the report, Harris is holding her own side meetings with backers and working to gather ‘intelligence’ that can help her break through the ‘bubble’ of the Biden campaign, so she can begin to impose her thoughts and guidance onto the 2024 campaign. CNN noted that Harris aims to ‘use that intelligence to push for changes in strategy and tactics that she hopes will put the ticket in better shape to win,'” the WJ stated.

While CNN didn’t come right out and say it, this clearly demonstrates that, contrary to the narrative they are attempting to spin, Harris is not being treated as an important part of the Biden campaign. And who can blame them? If her approval ratings are worse than his, making Harris a bigger part of the campaign could make things even worse.

“But it also appears that her efforts to hold meetings with backers at the vice presidential mansion is finding support from those who fear that Biden’s campaign is way off track,” the report continued.

“Multiple leading Democrats, anxious about a campaign they fear might be stumbling past a point of no return, say their conversations with Harris have been a surprising and welcome change, after months of feeling sloughed off by the White House and Biden campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware,” CNN divulged.

The network quoted one Democrat insider as saying that the “‘bedwetting’ complaints are running thin” and pointed out that there’s some serious anxiety among top members of the Democratic Party that Biden’s campaign isn’t taking seriously the counsel it is receiving from supporters.

“CNN also noted that there are many Democratic insiders still pushing the notion that the White House should dump Harris from the ticket altogether and get a more popular candidate to stand beside the president. Still, CNN’s article clearly showed that Harris’ meetings are showing deep flaws in the Biden campaign,” The Western Journal went on to say.

“But each gathering has led to her asking staff to put together more meetings, often interspersed with more calls and demands for follow-up as she digs deeper into what many feel has been going wrong,” CNN added.

There are a lot of problems with the report, but the most obnoxious part of it is how much it gushes on and on about how wonderful the vice president is for holding these “listening meetings” which it claims is leaving supporters — all two of them — feeling as if their voices are being heard. You might be heard, but what good is that if nothing gets done? Radical progressives just want to remain in power and will do anything to get votes.

Perhaps the main reason Harris is trying so hard to push inside the campaign is because she fears she won’t be included on the general election ticket? It’s a reasonable and logical fear to have, given her current position in the polling data. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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