Watch Now: Trump Launches Offensive Against Fani Willis

(Republican Insider) – Former President Donald Trump was in the mood to take no prisoners on Saturday during a speech delivered in Virginia — which ended up being an hour in length — as the nation barrels toward Super Tuesday’s massive number of primary races, lobbing proverbial bombs left and right. None of his political opponents were safe from the barrage Trump unleashed. Again, this is why so many people love and respect him. He’s not afraid to fight back, unlike many Republican politicians in the past. You punch him, he’ll hit you back twice as hard.

As per The Western Journal, Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis made a rather excellent target for him, especially with all of the corruption and meltdowns she’s had after it was revealed that Willis took part in a torrid love affair with the special prosecutor she hired to prosecute Trump.

“The crowd at the Greater Richmond Convention Center — which had started lining up as early as 7 a.m. for the evening address, according to WTVR-TV in Richmond — joined in the laughter as Trump turned his stand-up comic style on the Georgia prosecutor,” the report noted. “Willis is currently at the center of a court fight in Fulton County, where one of the defendants she indicted in an absurd, sweeping ‘racketeering’ case against Trump and his supporters is seeking to have her removed from the case because she was in a romantic relationship with one of the attorneys she hired to prosecute it.”

The attorney she was romantically involved with, Nathan Wade, is still in the process of divorcing his wife. Both of the individuals have vehemently denied being together at the time Wade was hired for the Trump case, however, cell phone records say otherwise.

“I didn’t know the gentleman,” Trump went on to say during his speech Saturday, mockingly imitating Willis’ denials. “Oh, you have 2,000 phone calls. Three-thousand, five hundred text messages, how is it possible, in a short …”

“I happen to have a very good relationship with a woman called Melania,” the former president remarked, which immediately led to the crowd erupting in cheers. “But I would venture to say in all the years that I’ve known her, I might not have called her 2,500 times. I know I didn’t send 3,500 text messages.”

“Trump’s numbers actually undercounted the contacts between Willis and Wade. While they maintain they did not become lovers until early 2022 — after Willis hired Wade in November 2021 — cell phone records Trump’s legal team submitted to court show more than 2,000 phone calls and more than 12,000 text messages exchanged between the two in 2021 alone,” the WJ said. I mean, if you don’t call your friends or heck, even your mother, that many times in a YEAR, I’d say it’s probably safe to say this is a romantic relationship.

Charles Mittelstadt, an investigator, divulged that the vast majority of calls were made during “evening” hours, which means they were well after work and likely of a personal nature. I’d say so.

“Meanwhile, Wade, who had no prior experience with a major racketeering case, was paid more than $600,00 in taxpayer money after Willis hired him — money she apparently benefited from since the two vacationed together. (Willis claims she repaid Wade — in cash),” it continued.

Here’s how social media users reacted to Trump’s speech:

Another reason his fighting back against folks like Willis and Attorney General Letitia James in New York is so important is because he’s fighting against the abuses of “lawfare.” Progressives are using the legal system as a weapon against someone they disagree with politically. They want to make an example out of him in order to intimidate you and I from getting active in the public sphere and standing against their attempts to destroy our nation.

Trump has become the proxy in battle, our David taking on Goliath. David represented the entire nation of Israel when he took on the Philistine’s champion. There’s much at stake in this fight. Thankfully, the former president isn’t afraid of a challenge.

You can view Trump’s entire speech here.

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